Stay Rules

  • The client/owner recognizes that employees from Neko Inn are not veterinarians and cannot be held responsible for the detection or diagnosis of diseases or illnesses that could arise during the the boarded pet’s stay at Neko Inn.
  • The client/owner also recognizes that vaccines, although effective in most cases, do not completely protect pets from contagious diseases.
  • While Neko Inn acts with diligence and professionalism in bestowing services to pets under its care, Neko Inn cannot prevent all accidents or injuries that might occur during the course of a normal stay or during periods of group playtime activities.
  • As such, by handing over custody of his or her pet to Neko Inn, the client/owner retains responsibility for any risk of disease or injury that might be sustained by his or her pet. The owner also assumes liability for any material damage or injuries to other animals if caused by his or her pet.

We strictly do not accept cats who are non-compliant with our admission guidelines, as well as those who are FIP positive and those being treated for ringworm. Ringworm is highly contagious and all medication prescribed must be completed 1 week prior to your cat’s stay.

It is your responsibility as your cat’s owner to ensure that it is healthy enough to enter a shared cat boarding environment. The Neko Inn reserves the right to refuse to accept any cat at check-in for any reason, including without limit, if it appears that your cat is sick, injured, in pain, or if its behaviour or presence could jeopardize the health and safety of other cats or our staff.


A kitten shall be defined as any cat below 12 months of age.

Kittens below the age of 4 months are often very active, happy to explore new environments and socialble! However, because of their young age, they are prone to falling ill more easily as compared to adult cats.

We always recommend that clients with kittens (defined as below 12 months of age) complete a full vaccination schedule prior to entering our facilities. This can be done at your local veterinarian when they are of:

  1. 8 weeks of age
  2. 12 weeks of age
  3. 16 weeks of age

If your kitten is unable to produce proof of completion of its vaccinations, our caretakers may advise that they are confined in their cabins for the duration of their stay for their own  health and safety. Please feel free to call in and discuss any concerns with us prior to making a booking!

Senior Cat

A senior cat shall be defined as any cat above 12 years of age.

Some senior or geriatric cats may have lived most of their lives indoors. At trips to the vet, your veterinarian may have recommended against vaccinating your senior cat.

For senior cats whose veterinarians do not recommend vaccination booster shots, we are happy to accept a written note declaring that your cat is suitable for boarding and compliant with our terms of stay.